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Large Print & Braille

Why do we offer large print and braille? Most of us will have good vision; however, some may have limited sight and need a little help but would like to come into a Spiritual service.


Our group offers a two-month speakers list. This list is printed in standard size print and, for those with limited vision,

in large print, which is easier to read.


Our braille service is for those who can read braille using their fingertips. These are printed free of charge, including postage and when the new month comes in will be resent if you require them.


All that is required is your name, address and permission to hold your information on our external server. 


An example of braille is shown below. Large print and braille are printed on A4 size paper and may include more than one page. The print size below is just an example. 

Example of Braille

Braille for web.jpg

The braille dots above are black, but on braille paper, the dots are raised white dots that are read with the person's fingertips.  

The braille dots are not a language of their own but a code. 

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