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Relaxation & Meditation Evening

Life can be very stressful, leaving us tired and sometimes moody. Even though we may try to relax once at home,
it can be challenging. 

Our relaxation evening is a short period during which we can learn to ground ourselves, relax, and let the stress
melt away. 
It's not a quick fix and takes time, but it is achievable. 

Sometimes, a short guided meditation to accompany the relaxation can be beneficial. The combination
may help you feel that you can cope better and improve your overall well-being. 

Please remember that the room will be locked at the start, and no one will be admitted after this time. 
Thursday evening, 19:30 to 20:30 UK time.

Not everyone can follow a guided meditation, and that's fine. If your mind wanders elsewhere, just let it.
Enjoy the peace for a short period. 


TEL: 07724506055

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