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Photograph Readings

Colour or Black & White

Jim photographs.jpg

On Friday, 7th October 2022, Jim Cork will be demonstrating photograph readings. It is always a popular event and if you have not seen this way of working before, why not come along?


All you need to do is submit a photo of a loved one in spirit (On their own if possible) to Mandy Tyson on Facebook. Pictures cannot be accepted after 9 PM on 6th October.


Each photo will be given a number and put into a number generator. Once a number has been picked, the picture will be displayed large on the screen.


Jim will read the person's character in the picture and, when finished, ask who submitted that photo. If time permits, you will also receive a reading.


The demonstration will start at 7:30 PM and finish at approximately 10 PM.

Jim has been reading photographs for several years. Photograph reading services have always been popular within our zoom room, thanks to all who have supported them. If you have not seen this way of working, why not come along?

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