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There are several names similar to Spiritual Friends Unite or SFU.
SFU UK is a spiritual group based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, UK,
offering spiritual services worldwide on the Zoom platform 
and has no association with other groups or organisations.

All comments, views and expressions on our website are those of the individuals.
They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those who have created Spiritual Friends Unite UK.

Spiritual Friends Unite UK does not take responsibility or accept liability for mediums prescribing
any form of medication or diagnosing any illness and discourages the above practices.
We will advise mediums if they do so and may cancel any future bookings.

All information is correct at the time of uploading. No responsibility can be held against
Spiritual Friends Unite UK for omissions or changes from the advertised speakers or services due to circumstances beyond our control. 
SFU does not receive any monies from items that may be advertised occasionally.
Those advertised are at the discretion of SFU. 

TEL: 07724506055

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