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Absent Spiritual Healing
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18:30 to 19:00 UK time.

Absent Spiritual Healing is where healing thoughts are directed to the person/persons we may not see in person. This is called absent healing.


The person taking the service will explain what absent healing is and open in prayer. The group will go into their quiet time while soft, gentle music is played.


At the end of the service, a closing prayer will be said, and you may unmute yourselves for a brief chat afterwards.


Members of the public may attend as this is not a closed group. Some say just sitting in the Zoom room; they receive healing.


No Spiritual healer can guarantee results, diagnose or prescribe medicines in any form. Please come and join us, you will be welcome. 

Please remember that the room will be locked at the start, and there will be

no admittance after this time.

TEL: 07724506055

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