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Four friends created Spiritual Friends Unite UK to give the best that an individual Spiritual group can offer to date using the Zoom platform.


We are not part of any religious organization and tailor our services and events as best as possible.


We listen to our members as they are our best guides. We believe we have the right combination to deliver on our goals for the group and members.

We welcome suggestions, comments and ideas for consideration across the board of SFU. If it is possible, we will implement them. 

Our website is evolving, and pages may change over time to reflect this. In addition, our previous website has been decommissioned due to older display technologies, and to take into account, most people view websites on their mobile devices. I will keep any disruption to a minimum.

Viewing on a mobile device may show some items and links differently than on desktops. This is due to the size of the displays.


The mediums that serve us come from all walks of life and different parts of our country and the world. Plus, they are all at varying levels of experience.


Each medium works differently. Our Speakers Secretary tries to stagger the mediums and their different ways of working. As such, it will give you a good and varied experience of how mediums work.

Mediumship, in all its forms, is experimental. Therefore, no guarantee can be given or implied.​

Some SFU Zoom room services, i.e. Relaxation and Meditation plus Absent Healing, are locked at the start, and you cannot enter after the start time. Please enter our room 10 minutes before the start.

Information may be displayed differently on mobile devices. 

More information from Mandy Tyson on 07724506055


Click on one of the two Facebook logos above to take you to our Facebook page. 

If you are viewing our website on your desktop, and wish to view it on your mobile scan the code below.


To log in to our services, please enter the following: 87962036281 passcode SFU21


Please ensure you are signed in at least 5 minutes before the start of the service.

Some rooms are locked at the start of the service.

Our website has been designed and maintained by Jim Cork.

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TEL: 07724506055

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