• Would you please stay on camera at all times?

  • Please be respectful to the medium and others while in our room.

  • If you need to eat something, please move to one side of your camera until finished.

  • Please ensure that you are muted at all times once the service starts unless the speaker asks you to unmute yourself.

  • Please do not promote yourself, anyone else, another organisation, a shop selling spiritual items or another zoom room.

  • If you feel tired or unwell and think you may fall asleep, consider not coming on that evening. While we appreciate you trying, it could give the speaker and those in the room a bad impression. If you fall asleep, you will be removed and not able to reconnect that evening. 



   Other zoom rooms may allow a more relaxed type of atmosphere but, it is still a spiritual meeting place and should be 

   treated as such.


   Failure to observe these rules may result in you being removed. We take no pleasure in doing this but, it is

   disrespectful to the medium and others in the room. Thank you for your co-operation.