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Open Circle
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Last Wednesday in the month.

7:30pm to 9pm UK time.

Please ensure the following

while in our Open Circle:

  • Messages are no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Messages should be as evidential and as uplifting as possible.

  • No fortune-telling and or predicting the future.

  • Do not prescribe any medications either holistic or over the counter as they could interfere with what the Doctor has prescribed.

  • No diagnosing a person illness.

  • If as a medium, you are given a person who passed in tragic circumstances, do not describe how they sustained those injuries or what caused their passing.

  • When giving a reading, please do not use any props i.e. cards, crystals or pyramids to give your message.

  • Be respectful to everyone in the room.

  • Do not promote yourself or anyone else and other zoom rooms, as our room is not a room for advertising others, as we cannot endorse their way of working. 

A short philosophy or reading is encouraged to complement those giving evidential mediumship.

There will be fledglings as well as experienced mediums within our zoom room.

It may seem that our rules are strict but, we would like to think we have your best interests at heart, plus,

to give you a good experience of spiritualism in general.

If you have any queries about how we run our zoom room, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you have a complaint, please speak to us first. I'm sure we can resolve your issue.

TEL: 07724506055

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