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How To Answer A Medium

If it’s your first time in a spiritualist church or a zoom room where a spiritualist service is conducted, you may not know how to answer the medium if they come to you. 


Every medium works differently. However, the principles of answering are similar. Here is an example.


Medium, “Can I come to you, please?” You, “Yes.” Medium, “I have a man with me, and he tells me he is your Father. He is about five foot seven in height with darkish hair. Can you understand this man?” You, “Yes, I can.” The medium will go on to say quite a bit more. After that, the conversation may continue in the same way.


If you cannot accept what the medium is saying, please say no, or if you don’t understand what is said, please tell the medium. The medium will not mind.


Some information may need you to go and research as it may not register straight away. Plus, some of the information may be around the family or friends and not directly linked to you but will provide evidence.


Not everything the medium says will be correct, and that’s fine. Always have an open mind.

The above is only an example. 

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