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Each Medium will choose to work with the ribbons differently. Some may ask you to choose three or more. The Medium may interpret, i.e. red, to be love and, depending on that shade of red, could donate the intensity of that love. It could also indicate emotion, anger and so on. Once the Medium has read the colours you have chosen, they will then ask you to identify yourself and the accuracy of that reading.




Again, each Medium will work with the flowers differently. Some may ask you to pick and bring your own flower, one only, rather than have them supplied. The Medium may only know who brought the flower once they ask you to identify yourself and how accurate the reading was. Like the ribbons, the Medium may work on the colours of that flower.




You may be asked to bring a photograph of a loved one in spirit in a sealed envelope. When you enter the church, a ticket will be sellotaped to the envelope, and you will keep the other half. Someone will bring the photographs down to the front at the start of the service, and the Medium may ask the chairperson to pick one and open the envelope.


Then, place the picture in front of the Medium. The Medium will then read the character in the photograph and may give the person who brought it a message from the loved one in spirit who is in the picture. Then, the Medium will ask the chairperson to pick another envelope. 


By reading some of the items above, the Medium has gained information by interpreting the vibrations on those items. Whereas some things that the Medium has not touched, that information must have come from somewhere, you, the observer, must decide where you think that knowledge has come from. As with all mediumship, there is no guarantee, and it is experimental.

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