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Photo Readings Friday 27th September 2024

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Jim Cork, a seasoned experimenter, has delved into working with various objects like cards, jewellery, and ribbons. However, his foray into the realm of photographs is a unique twist. Inspired by another medium, Jim decided to embark on his own photographic journey.


Trying at a physical church proved quite successful, but trying on Zoom is a different story. However, it was more successful than anyone had realised once people gave feedback. So now, Jim does this on a regular basis using the Zoom platform.


Participating is simple. Send a black-and-white or colour photograph of a departed loved one to Mandy Tyson, with one person in the picture if possible. Each picture will be assigned a unique number, which will then be entered into a random number generator.


At the start, Mandy will call out the random number the generator has chosen and show the picture on the screen. You only say it is yours once Jim asks you to unmute and identify yourself at the end of the reading.


Jim will then ask you to confirm the accuracy of his statements about the person in the photograph. You may also receive a short reading.

Please submit your photograph no later than 9pm on Thursday, 26th September. After this date and time your picture cannot be accepted.

TEL: 07724506055

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